Trainer/Starter Packages and Deals

This is just a selection of common combinations I have put together, if you would like something different in the way of Aircraft, Engine or Radio equipment please call for quotation, or use this form, and I will be pleased to quote against your requirements.

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Ripmax 40 (£62.50)
Irvine Tutor 40 (£69.99)
Thunder Tiger Trainer (£72.25)

Irvine 40 (£62.99)
OS 46LA (£68.99)
OS 46FX (£110.95)

(price includes appropriate propellor and spinner)


Futaba SkySport 4 (£110.95)
Sanwa VG600 6ch (£124.99)
JR XP662 6ch computer (£199.99)

(price includes Transmitter, receiver, nicads, charger, 4 servos and a pair of crystals)

Field/Flight Box

Standard (£81.38)
Electric (£141.25)

Standard (£95.00)
Deluxe Upgrade (£135.00)

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