SkySport 4VF

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A 4-channel aircraft system that's easy to use.

Futaba SkySport 4
  • Dual conversion, narrow band FM receiver helps block out signal interference.
  • All-channel servo reversing changes the direction of servo travel at the flip of a switch for maximum flexibility with servo installation.
  • Built-in trainer system links the SkySport 4 to your instructor's Futaba radio, the instructor can then take over control in an instant to keep the plane out of danger;  requires FM trainer cord.
  • Trims for all channels allows fine tuning of the neutral position for aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder controls.
  • Battery meter continuously displays transmitter battery power status
  • Set includes:-
    • 1 Transmitter.
    • 1 Receiver.
    • 4 Servos and servo hardware.
    • 1 Switch harness
    • Tx and Rx Ni-Cad's.
    • 1 Combined Tx and Rx Ni-Cad charger.
    • Frequency flag.
    • User Manual.


Futaba's economical SkySport 4VF covers all the requirements for successful 4-channel flight. The system offers full proportional control over a model's rudder, aileron, elevator and throttle functions.

It is balanced and as comfortable to use as Futaba's top-of-the-line computer radios. All controls are easily accessible.

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