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Thunder Tiger Trainer 40

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Thunder Tiger Trainer 40
Model 40 Trainer
Manufacturer Thunder Tiger
Type of kit ARTF
Wing Span 61 in
Wing Area 675 in²
Weight 5-5.5lb
Engine recommended
by manufacturer
.35 - .45 2 stroke
Engine recommended
by MAWcraft
OS46FX or Irvine 53
Exhaust Standard
Prop APC 12x6
Quality of Kit
Flying Characteristics
Overall rating
Comments This is a popular aircraft. Why? because they look more like a real plane then most other trainers.
This aircraft has been designed for the beginner with a high mounted wing with a flat bottomed airofoil and generous dihedral, which provides slow predictable flight that is easily controlled by the beginner. Tricycle undercarriage makes ground handling easy.

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