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Sanwa VG600

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A 6 channel mid-priced system.

Sanwa VG600
  • High and low throttle end point adjustment
  • End point adjustment ( Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Aux 6 )
  • Dual conversion
  • Trainer system
  • Servo reverse all channels
  • Bright LED voltage display
  • Includes:-
    • 1 Transmitter.
    • 1 Receiver.
    • 4 Servos and servo hardware.
    • 1 Switch harness
    • Tx and Rx Ni-Cad's.
    • 1 Combined Tx and Rx Ni-Cad charger..
    • User Manual.


This radio is suitable for both the beginner and advanced pilots. It has separate End Point Adjustments on both high and low throttle makes idle and high-end setting very easy. Included is the micro lightweight dual conversion 7 channel “Z” connector receiver and standard “Z” servos. The trainer system is only compatible with the Sanwa RD6000, Radiant and Vanguard systems

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