ARTF/ARTC Assembly

We will assemble the kit using tried, tested and recognised methods and techniques so that the wing and tailplane incidences (angle of attack) are correct. This is necessary as these mass produced aircraft are often not built to the correct alignments and angles. Theses alignments and angles are checked at every stage of assembly/build and corrected if necessary. The correct amount of side and down thrust is applied to the engine according to the manufactures spec. (when purchased at the same time as the aircraft)

ARTF re-covering (from new only)

You want that popular "ARTF" model that your friends are flying, but you want your model to stand out from the crowd ( how many "Brietling CAP232's" are out there?) , well... MAWcraft can supply that customised aircraft for you to be the envy of all flying buddies. Prices vary depending upon the model and complexity of your design, please call for quotation.

Kit Build

We can supply the model of your choice built to the highest standards and to the level of finsh you specify, i.e. from "Ready-to-Cover" to "Ready-to-Fly"

Engine Repair and Servicing

Basic engine re-bulding, repairs, servicing and cleaning to all makes of engines undertaken please call for quotation.