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Mark Anthony Webster

Now you know where the MAW of MAWcraft comes from.

Yep,  that's what I look like todayWhere did it all start? I suppose you could say it's in my blood.
In his younger days my Dad was a pilot in the RAF and for a hobby he competed in control line competitions.
In my youth I spent many days with my Dad at flying fields and many evenings 'helping' to assemble new creations (and the inevitable repair).
I was drawn to RC aircraft and was eager to get hold of a transmitter. When Me again, this time with a lovely Pilots Pitts SpecialI was 8, my parents presented me with my very first trainer - a Kamco Kadet (which is now been revamped and reintroduced into the market).

Most of the construction of this was completed by my Dad whilst I was at school but I remember this as being my first attempt at using Solarfilm. The model was sold after 2 weeks in my possession.
I had taken to RC control so well that I needed a plane with more ability. I went through 2 or 3 second hand low wing models (I mastered the taking off, flying and basic aerobatic manoeuvres but I hadn't quite cracked landing)
A Flair meteor 40 that helped me through the landing "learning curve"Early attempts at landing included.. vertical arrivals (nose first), I even managed once to land on the bonnet of my Dad's car, the plane's wings broke clean in half but fortunately for me the only damage to the car was a broken aerial and tyre marks across the bonnet. Eventually my landings became closer in number to take off's.
My Dad and I went through a stage of entering local competitions. I had a much modified Cresent Tornado. Although I can't remember our actual points and overall placements I did manage to place higher than Dad!
Through the years although I have dabbled in different RC activities such as boats, cars and helicopters my love of, and enthusiasm for fixed wing aerobatic One of my many commissioned modelsflight has always been at the forefront. There's a long list of model aircraft out there that were once owned by me. Most of my planes over recent years are still 'local' - mostly snapped up by friends.
The popularity of my models led to requests to build to order, for friends, fellow club members and for local model shops. The rest as they say is history...

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There are not many people in life who have a job they have a real passion for, so I consider myself to be very lucky.