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Low, slow and inverted
Model Sensation 1400
Manufacturer Kyosho
Type of kit ARTF
Wingspan 55"
Wing Area 558 sq in
(36 dm2)
Weight 4.85-5.5lb
(2200-2500 g)
Wing Loading 20-22.6 oz/sq ft
(61-69 g/dm2)
Engine recommended .32-.51 2 stroke
.52-.70 4 stroke
Engine used OS .46FX, Irvine 53
Exhaust Mini quiet pipe
Prop APC 11x8
Build/assembled date July 1998
Quality of Kit
Flying Characteristics
Overall rating
Comments This aircraft was designed by ex world champion Hanno Pretner. Very smooth 40 size sport/pattern aircraft. Looks great, knife edges even better.

See this Sensation in formation with a Kyosho CAP232

Very poor
Above average           

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