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An excellent flying semi-scale aerobatic aircraft from Flair
Nice colour scheme
An early picture of the Giles
Model Giles G-202
(120 size)
Manufacturer Flair
Type of kit ARTF
Wingspan 1650mm
Wing Area 52.9 dm2
Weight 3.4 - 3.6 kg
Wing Loading 66 g/dm2
Engine recommended .60 - .90 2 stroke
1.20 4 stroke
Engine used OS 1.60FX
Exhaust Avaition Alloy in-cowl
Prop APC 16x12
Build/assembled date Dec 2000
Quality of Kit
Flying Characteristics
Overall rating
Comments Main engine bulkhead need strengthening!
If you want to have serious fun fit a bigger than manufacture recommended engine. I liked this plane so much I have bought another one which I have stripped (from new) and will re-cover in a MAWcraft custom finish. Very good for pattern and 3D types of flying as well as good slow, vice free flying.

Very poor
Above average           

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