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A brass servo insert soldered to the rod makes it easy to turn onn and off
Screw in the 2mm threaded rod into the 2mm hole you just drilled in the switch arm
Simple Rx swirch installation
Model aviation fuel and electronics/switches do not mix.
It is therefore advisable to mount your delicate (and cheap) receiver on/off switch harness inside the fuselage well away from fuel and fuel seepage.
This is easily done as shown in the 1st and 3rd pictures.
Another safe guard is to make the switch be in the "off" position when pushed in. This is so that if the model moves in the car in transit or the switch gets knocked in the work shop you don't end up at the flying field with a dead receiver battery pack.

My Method
  1.  Drill a 2mm hole through the arm of the switch and screw in a length of 2mm threaded rod
  2.  Slide on a brass servo insert (flange towards the outside) and cut threaded rod to length
  3.  Clean and sand the end of the threaded rod (opposite end to the thread)
  4.  Solder the brass servo insert to the rod
And hey presto! an easy and quick Rx switch installation that's well away from fuel and fuel seepage!

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