Interference Free Engine Connection

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Interference Free Engine Connection A friend of mine built a "Capish". We range checked it before it's first flight (with and without the engine running) everything was as it should be.
He taxed out, and took off, as soon as the plane got airborne it started twitching, and on the downwind leg of the circuit it flipped inverted all by it's self, he was extremely lucky to get it back on the ground in one piece.
He changed the Rx crystal, the same thing happened. He changed the receiver , and the problem was still there... OK on the ground, but as soon as it got it in the air, all hell broke loose.
I then asked if if he had any "metal-to -metal" joints. It turned out he had fitted a metal clevice to the metal throttle arm on the engine. As soon as the aircraft left the ground this caused a resonance vibration between the metal clevice and the metal throttle arm. Any two metals touching/vibrating together produces small amounts of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) which causes your model to "twitch" and it was these two metal surfaces vibrating together that was causing his model to behave in the way it did.
Safe flying is no accident!

Use a thin sliver of silicon fuel tubing on the clevice to ensure it stays in place.

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