Radio Control Frequencies Used In The UK

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27Mhz band - allociated to general use.
35Mhz band - allociated to model aircraft use only.
40Mhz band - allociated to surface vehicle use only.
459Mhz band - allociated to general use and telemetry.


The vast majority of model flying in the UK is on the 35Mhz band, and I would recommend that you only purchase one of these radio sets.

The 35Mhz Band

The 35Mhz band is identified by an orange flag with white channel number.

35 Mhz channel numbers

Channel Frequency Channel Frequency Channel Frequency
55 34.95 67 35.07 79 35.19
56 34.96 68 35.08 80 35.20
57 34.97 69 35.09 81 35.21
58 34.98 70 35.10 82 35.22
59 34.99 71 35.11 83 35.23
60 35.00 72 35.12 84 35.24
61 35.01 73 35.13 85 35.25
62 35.02 74 35.14 86 35.26
63 35.03 75 35.15 87 35.27
64 35.04 76 35.16 88 35.28
65 35.05 77 35.17 89 35.29
66 35.06 78 35.18 90 35.30

The 27 MHz Band

This band is legally shared by other users, in particular, model cars, model boats and citizens band operators (CB). It may still be used for model aircraft but I don't recommend you use this frequency band to fly, after all you don't want to increase the risk of crashing that lovely model. The 35 MHz band is just for model aircraft and under no circumstances must it be used for any other purpose.

Identification is by coloured pendant.

26.975Mhz - Black 27.145Mhz - Yellow
26.995Mhz - Brown 27.170Mhz - Yellow/Green
27.020Mhz - Brown/Red 27.195Mhz - Green
27.045Mhz - Red 27.220Mhz - Green/Blue
27.070Mhz - Red/Orange 27.245Mhz - Blue
27.095Mhz - Orange 27.270Mhz - Blue/Grey
27.120Mhz - Orange/Yellow  

The 40 MHz band

This is for surface vehicles only and under no circumstances must it be used for the control of model aircraft.
It is usually identified by a green flag with white channel number. I won't list them as we are only interested in model flying, arn't we?

The 459 MHz Band

This band is shared with various telemetry operations. In particular, channels 12 to 24 are used for specialised telemetry and users of these particular channels should be aware of the possibility of more potential interference being present.


Contrary to some people’s thinking, 72 MHz is not a legal frequency for model control in the UK.

R/C Equipment Type Approval

As far as model flying is concerned, type approval only applies to 35 Mhz equipment. It is essential that the radio control equipment you use carries an SMAE/MHTF type approval sticker.

It is the only assurance you have that your set was designed and manufactured to comply with the standards laid down by the UK government for the equipment we use. When buying your RC set, make a special point of looking for the sticker. This is especially important as increasing numbers of ‘grey imports’ are appearing in the UK and the type approval sticker is the only way you can be sure that you are operating a UK legal set of equipment. From October 1998, all RC transmitters must carry a CE mark.


If you want to fly model aircraft in the UK, stick to the 35Mhz band, it's safest!

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